About Party Monsters

The Party Monsters come through with an unique and addictive combination of matching and tower defense – oh yeah, and a lot of PARTY!

The neighborhood has been infiltrated by CREEPY MONSTERS – but it’s cool, they just want to party! However, the townspeople are not taking kindly to the surging bass radiating from underground, and they’ll try to stop the party at all costs. That’s where you come in – help the Party Monsters keep the beat alive by matching items and protecting their monster DJ from endless waves of the bellyaching Party Poopers!



What we did

We wrote and produced the music as well as implemented it to the game. One thing to highlight is the feature of the music getting calmer or more intense depending on if you’re in a “puzzle” mode or a “party defending” mode. Other fun things like a 3d effect on the map music where added as well, where the music get more “muffled” the further away the player get at the map from the music source.


Don't be shy!

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