About Neybers

Neybers is an interior design playground for anyone interested in decoration. In neybers users create rooms and decorate them with a vast range of modern and stylish products from real designers and brands – in a simple and playful environment.

Whether it’s a dream home, a magazine photo shoot or telling a story, it all starts with choosing a room-template. The user can then change the windows, floors and wall-textures before adding furniture, light-effect, shadows and filters. By publishing interactive photos of their rooms users inspire each other, receive feedback and share with their friends online. All items in neybers are real products from real designers and brands.

What we do

Two Feathers has been part in making the sound effects, that are soon to be added, to the game. Making sure that the game becomes even more enjoyable with the added audible element!




The trailer was made before our involvement.

First impressions

Find out what the critics think of the game so far!

The learning curve to using Neybers is fantastic!

Home Stories - A to Z

User-friendly and has great features!

Netizens Reviews

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