Music for Angry birds 2

We proudly present the music for Angry Birds 2! 

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Hammerwatch Expansion: Temple of the Sun

The new expansion for Hammerwatch is out now! Get in on steam for free and listen to the music by clicking here!

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Sling Ming!

Sling princess Ming through a puzzle adventure filled with danger! We’ve got the grande honour to make the game come alive through the beauty of sound design!


Two Feather’s heart have always been composing and producing music for games. So far we’ve explored everything from lively balkan music, chip-tunes and heavy rock tracks to flowing big orchestral pieces to just a smaller string quartet. Whatever the future brings, we are up for the challenge!


We feel passionated about high quality-audio productions and breathing life into the world of your game wether it’s on mobile, console or a computer. We know that atmosphere is the key to immersion.


In order for any audio to reach a high level of quality inside the game, implementation is key.  We have knowledge in middleware-software such as Fabric and Wwise,  as well as engines like Unity, UDK and C# coding.


Two Feathers is a studio that specialises in music and sounds for games. The company’s co-founders, Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg, both have experience working in the game-industry with a range from indie-games, free-to-play to big-scale AAA-titles. With the idea to contribute to the game industry, with indie especially in mind, they started Two Feathers Studio in late 2012 and has already made a name for themselves mostly through their music work with the indie-game Hammerwatch that sold over 800 000 copies and the widely known Angry Birds 2 that after 6 months after its release reached over 60 million downloads.

Elvira and Nicklas met through the metal-band Overworld that they played in between 2012-2015. There they discovered almost day one that they both shared the same passion and ideas for games and its music. In both our lives, games have a huge part of what we do and what we are, ever since childhood. From studying Music, Sound Design and even Game Design, making games of our own as both childs and adults, leading role-playing adventures or depart into fantasy worlds is what makes us who we are. We hope to take part of your world with the same enthusiast we’ve had for the nostalgia yesterday, to create nostalgia for tomorrow. With the technical know-how of C#, Unity, Unreal, audio middle-wares and with the creative eye for how to implement for player and world-interaction, we will breath life to the world of games. That’s the goal of Two Feathers.


Want to meet up? Whether its guesting or just visiting a game-conferences or gaming event, we’ll let you know here!


GDC San Francisco, 14-18 march, – Guest Speaker. Go to website


  • GDC San Francisco, 2-6 march, San Francisco, USA. Go to website
  • Polar Talks,  8 Juni, Stockholm – Guest Speaker. Watch the talk or Go to Website
  • Swedish Game Awards, Stockholm – Guest Speakers Go to Website
  • Unity Meetup, 27 oktober, Stockholm – Guest Speaker


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Two Feathers shared Private Division's Private Division Label Announcement.

Private Division
The Outsiders are announcing that they’re partnering with publisher Take-Two’s through their new label: Private Division - with these exciting news we, Two Feathers, will take our chance to announce that we work with creating music for The Outsiders next game “Project Wight”!

So yeah, essentially Two Feathers just entered another Division of cool people to make music for and for the first time we’re also creating music with a big-time publisher within pc/console gaming as Two Feathers. We’re super hyped! Mark your calendars on TBA for the game and keep updated on our future adventures - lots of new things to come!
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Announcing Private Division, a new label from Take-Two Interactive Software publishing games from top independent development studios. Watch our announcement video and meet some of the talented developers that we’re working with at Panache Digital Games, TheOutsiders, Obsidian Entertainment, Squad, and V1 Interactive.

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