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We’re all about high quality-audio and breathing life into the world of games through technical know how, deep knowledge and experience of game development – and ofcourse experience in our field of making sound. Atmosphere is the key to not just immersion but emotion as well.


Two Feather’s heart have always been composing and producing music for games. So far we’ve explored everything from lively balkan music, chip-tunes and heavy rock tracks to flowing big orchestral pieces to just a smaller string quartet. Whatever the future brings, we are up for the challenge!


In order for any music or sound to reach a polished and quality delivery to the player, implementation is key.  We have the technical knowledge with engines like Unity or Unreal as well using C# coding creating audio- systems such as reverb-, footstep or dynamic music-management. In our hands we can make every step of the way happen from our own studio or directly from your office.

We are:

Two Feathers, a studio that specialises in music and sound for games only. This composer duo consists of Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg, bringing their experience of working with a wide range of game titles, varying from successful indie-games to big-scale AAA-titles. With the idea to contribute to the game industry, with indie especially in mind, they planted the seed of Two Feathers Studio in late 2012 and has already grown well known within the games industry through their music work with the indie-smash hit Hammerwatch that sold over 800 000 copies, the widely known Angry Birds 2 with over 200 million downloads and Aragami the beautifully hand painted stealth game to PS4.

We’re proud of:

Being an integral part of the game industry. During our 5 years of business we’ve released both big and small to various platforms such as Mobile, PC, Ps4, VR-devices and Nintendo Switch. Here’s a list of a few selections we would like to bring up:

At the moment:

We’re working on Project Wight, Made by The Outsiders, published by Take-Two Interactives new Private Division Label. We’re creating music and sound for this gem. Even so, if you would like to inquire us for new projects – please send us an email at


Released Highlights:
  • Angry Birds 2 , Main Music Composer & Sound Design
  • Aragami, Main Music Composer, Lead Sound Design & Audio Directors
  • Aragami – Nightfall, Main Music Composer, Lead Sound Design & Audio Directors
  • Apex Construct, Main Music Composer & Sound Design
  • HammerwatchMain Music Composer
  • Hammerwatch – Temple of The Sun, Main Music Composer 
  • Hammerwatch – Heroes of Hammerwatch, Music Composer
  • Sling Ming, Sound Design
  • Battlefield Heroes – Sound Design
  • Battlefield Play4Free – Sound Design
  • Battlefield 4 – QA
  • Toca Life City, Music Composer
  • Toca LifeTown, Music Composer
  • Toca Life – School, Music Composer
  • Toca Blocks – Music Composer & Sound Design


Apex Construct

Two Feathers VR debut: ‘Apex Construct’, now out on Oculus, Vive & PSVR.

Music for Angry birds 2

Sling Ming

Puzzle game Sling Ming is finally out on Nintendo Switch! Click!

Aragami: Nightfall

A new shadow is approaching, Aragami story expansion on it’s way to PS4, Steam and Xbox One.

Under Construction:

Music for The Outsiders game ‘Project Wight’

Music for Angry birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Listen on either Spotify or Itunes

Meet us

Check out what Nicklas is up to 

Check out what Elvira is up to

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Want to meet up?

Wether we’re speakers or just visiting at conferences or other events, we’ll let you know here!
To set up a meeting, contact us at



  • GDC – San Francisco, USA, Speaker
    “A Composer’s Guide To The Galaxy”, 10.00 Tuesday.
  • 23-25 May – Nordic Game Conference, Malmö – Sweden.
  • 18 April, Sting Game Meetup #7 – Speaker.
  • Devcom – Germany
  • Gamescom – Germany

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3 weeks ago

Two Feathers

Happy Holidays everyone!
Thank you for liking our page and being on this journey with us! It's been a full 6 years of games music now and we could've never known how far we would go with this when we first started! But there is still much to achieve, so thank you very much for the shown support <3

Today is Christmas (in Sweden) so we'll be with family and treasure that time. Hope you'll all enjoy your holidays and if not, you can enjoy it with this little dude right here!

Much love
Two Feathers
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Happy Holidays everyone! 
Thank you for liking our page and being on this journey with us! Its been a full 6 years of games music now and we couldve never known how far we would go with this when we first started! But there is still much to achieve, so thank you very much for the shown support Image attachment


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Merry Christmas ! To my Favorite game music composers, it’s gonna be great this year 🎁🎉😆

Merry Christmas🎄⛄️💝🤶🏻🎅🏻

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

God jul!!!

Merry Xmas guys! 😁🎄❤

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4 weeks ago

Two Feathers


Listen up everybody! You all know our love for game-music, but we also love writing kickass metal! So, we’re very excited to announce that, we, Two Feathers, are starting a brand new act to quench our thirst for metal. We’re calling it ‘Two Feathers: Epoch’, or ‘Epoch’ for short, and our first Debut EP will be released the 25th of January!

Please like our new page to get all of the hype you need for this project! To start off, take a listen to our teaser for the release!

🤟 - Two FeathersIt’s finally out of the bag! The new metal debut of Epoch, a whole new Two Feathers project in the sign of metal! We’ll release our first EP the 25th of January 2019 and we got a little teaser for you!
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Video image


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Oh and I will also check out and support Epoch 🙂 because You guys are genius. (edit) Sounds like after forever and epica at their best btw guys for anyone who’s interested, actually REALLY EFFING GOOD wow!! I’m buying it when it releases


Alll I’m thinking is aragami soundtrack , I listen to it every weekend all of my music collection is on vinyl except for aragami but someday aragami soundtrack will be pressed on vinyl

4 months ago

Two Feathers


Two Feathers is looking for several voice actors, male and female (sounding), to record enemy voices for an upcoming game.


* You need to be available to record during the daytime in September.
* The recording is on location in Stockholm.
* Previous voice acting experience is preferred, but aspiring voice actors or amateur actors are also welcomed.
* You need to know Swedish or other nordic languages.
* “Deep” voice is a plus!

The recording session is roughly 3 hours long.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to email with portfolio/resume of relevant experience and availability for September. We will give more details regarding the project at that point.

Thank you!
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Anders Köhler boi <3

Viva Ivarsson has a nice deep grunt.....

Pauline Engdahl? 👀

Hi Eric. Sounds like a good idea but I am tied up with Jukki everyday. Good luck with the project. Love always Marketta.

Arijan Ghoreishi


Sandra Assarsson

Vincent Jernkrook 🕵

Linus Herding

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5 months ago

Two Feathers


We are super-happy to have the soundtrack to ’Apex Construct’ out now for all you people to listen to!

This was our first VR-title to work on and it was a blast. Thank you Fast Travel Games for letting us tag along on your first of many great games <3!

Check it out here on Spotify:
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