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Enjoy this VR-title Two Feathers has had the joy of making music and sounds for!

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Music for The Outsiders game ‘Project Wight’


Good things come for those who wait, new news on its way with Aragami!

Music for Angry birds 2

Angry Birds 2

We proudly present the music for Angry Birds 2! 

Take a listen to it on Spotify or Itunes !  


Two Feather’s heart have always been composing and producing music for games. So far we’ve explored everything from lively balkan music, chip-tunes and heavy rock tracks to flowing big orchestral pieces to just a smaller string quartet. Whatever the future brings, we are up for the challenge!


We feel passionated about high quality-audio productions and breathing life into the world of your game through technical know how and close communication. We know that atmosphere is the key to not just immersion but emotion as well.


In order for any music or audio to reach a polished and high level of quality inside any game, implementation is key.  We have the knowledge and experience of game development and implementation through middleware-software such as Fabric and Wwise,  as well as engines like Unity, UDK and C# coding. In our hands we can make every step of the way happen.

We are:

Two Feathers, a studio that specialises in music and sound for games only. This composer duo consists of Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg, bringing their experience of working with a wide range of game titles, varying from successful indie-games to big-scale AAA-titles. With the idea to contribute to the game industry, with indie especially in mind, they planted the seed of Two Feathers Studio in late 2012 and has already grown well known within the games industry through their music work with the indie-smash hit Hammerwatch that sold over 800 000 copies, the widely known Angry Birds 2 with over 200 million downloads and Aragami the beautifully hand painted stealth game to PS4.

Latest News


Are you at GDC? Make sure to attend Elviras talk: ’A COMPOSER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY’ that she will hold today!

When: 10:00am - 11:00am
Where: Room 3002, West Hall
Pass Type: All Access, GDC Conference + Summits, GDC Summits, Audio Conference + Tutorial

See you there!
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The greatest gift you'll ever learn, is to release games and feel the love in return! Apex Construct Game is out now! ... See MoreSee Less Apex Construct is a VR-only action/adventure from former developers of Battlefield and Mirror’s E...

Two Feathers shared Private Division's Private Division Label Announcement.

Private Division
The Outsiders are announcing that they’re partnering with publisher Take-Two’s through their new label: Private Division - with these exciting news we, Two Feathers, will take our chance to announce that we work with creating music for The Outsiders next game “Project Wight”!

So yeah, essentially Two Feathers just entered another Division of cool people to make music for and for the first time we’re also creating music with a big-time publisher within pc/console gaming as Two Feathers. We’re super hyped! Mark your calendars on TBA for the game and keep updated on our future adventures - lots of new things to come!
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Announcing Private Division, a new label from Take-Two Interactive Software publishing games from top independent development studios. Watch our announcement video and meet some of the talented devel...

Two Feathers shared Fast Travel Games's post.

Fast Travel Games, the team behind Apex Construct Game that we create music and sound for, won the Startup Launch of the Year award!
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Very proud to announce that we just won the “Startup Launch of the Year” award at SUP46, Start-Up People of Sweden Gala! Congrats to everyone at the office, exciting times await for us all! Not ...

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In Apex Construct you return to Earth after an major event has more or less removed all human and animal life from the planet. Caught up in the conflict between two powerful AIs, you're trying to find the truth with bow and arrow in hand.
Hope you haven't missed our latest announcement! We're making music and sounds for this fantastic VR action-adventure title! Onboard on the team we have experienced developers from the best of Sweden's games industry; Dice, Avalanche, Rovio Stockholm and more that brings this title to a whole new level of VR!

Expect a brigade of updates from now on about this beauty 🙂
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Check out the trailer for Apex Construct.

Two Feathers shared FutureGames's photo.

Last week, Elvira was a guest speaker on a panel at the "Introduction to the games industry" mingle, organized by Women In Games Sweden. We'll share photos from her old school Futuregames (we forgot to take our own) The event took place at the beautiful DICE offices!
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Elvira took part in the Reddit gift exchange this summer and got matched up with someone who likes games and magic! Unsure if it was this kind of magic this redditor meant, but it was the only one she could offer, together with a signed copy of Aragami and a left over thank you card from the release party of said game! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Nicklas taking out his inner aggressions on the drum. Send help! ... See MoreSee Less

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  • GDC – San Francisco, USA, Speaker
    “A Composer’s Guide To The Galaxy”, 10.00 Tuesday.
  • Nordic Game Conference, Malmö – Sweden.