My name is Elvira, also called Lynx, and this is my first post!
I for long thought about what my first post would be about. There are so many things I could share and I want to make this blog the best there is. I want to make it perfect! The first post should be perfect! A heaven for anyone to read!
But how do you do that? Is it even possible?

I thought about this first post for a long time. Then it struck me! My problem you see, with everything I do, is that  I want things to become perfect. Do you recognise yourself with this problem? In anything you do? Can't let things go, never get anything done? Then I have something to share to you here!

I'm one of those you would call a perfectionist or also maybe a lazy bum since we never get anything done. We want to work with things until it's a unique Da Vinci masterpiece that will go down in history and make us legendary. If you too are diagnosed with this dilemma, then I have the cure right here for you: Deadlines!
Yes, a deadline is the best way to cure perfectionism/lazyness, because what is even more important that making something you're satisfied with, is to make something your customer is satisfied with! And my friend, the customer will be satisfied by a right on time delivered product! I guarantee it!

I've already learned that more then often, I needs to let things go. It was one of the first things I ever learned in the game industry. How to let things go. Nothing can become perfect, you see, you'll never have time for that. The only thing you can do is doing the very best you can do on the time you're set to do it. So what I've tried is to think a little bit differently on things to save myself from doom.  My new way of  thinking is that for each piece I'm instead of perfecting the craft, I'm perfecting my craftsmanship. I'm perfecting my skills, not the product. Of course I really do try my very best for each thing I do, but in the end I'm often not completely satisfied. Therefore, for my own sake, I need to believe that  every song is a new experience and I'll learn for each song or SFX I do.

So "Let it go". If this text isn't inspiring enough to just ship it, maybe listening to the song, "Let it Go", from the movie "Frozen" will be. It fits perfectly into the story as well as it could also fit to any situation in your life really. For me, it's the perfect song to learn how to let things go. "No rules for me, I'm free! Let it go, can't hold it back anymore". It symbolises for me both letting go of my fears and following my dreams but also to let  go of your own problems and not be afraid to leave old stuff behind you and new things ahead of you! When the deadline comes, Just ship it! Let it go, and let new challenges be taken!

What I'm trying to say is that what I've learned is to always be ready to go to your next thing.  And believe in your own capability of evolving. Things won't become perfect, but you can perfect your mind to be ready for the next thing you have to do instead of clinging to what is. So, to do as I teach, I'll now let this first blog post go! I'm nervous that maybe no one found this enjoyable to read. However, I will believe strongly that even this craftmanship will improve. I'll get better  for each post I do and I hope you'll stay with me during the ride!

Thank you, and welcome to Two Feathers little place on earth!
Best Regards

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