Send any questions, business-related inquiries or fan-mails to
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or send it through this contact form! 

We would love to hear from you! 

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Social Media
Feel free to also DM us on Twitter, if that is your jam!
For a speedy reply, write to us Feathers personally on Twitter!

We absolutely love getting some of your love! We sit in our studio most of the days and your positive energy gives us unlimited power !

Podcasts, Interviews, Panels etc :
We love doing all of that!

We love doing talks for your students! We can only fit a few in each year, and longer workshops is unfortunately not something we can fit into our schedules. But please, do contact us for our prices and schedule. We can also give talks over videocall internationally.

Advice, Help, Tips:

You want to work in game audio? Feel free to ask for advice! If you feel comfortable with it, why not tweet us? Through that more people who share those dreams can hear that advice! If you feel shy, no worries, just email! With that said, we’re no almighty advice givers who’s always right, but we can always do our best and share our experience with things 🙂

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