Two Feathers is a composer-duo consisting of Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg. We started in late 2012 as a company specific for freelancing music and sound design to various game-projects.

With Two Feathers at your side, we’ll become a part of the team and contribute to the development. With knowledge on how to implement our audio within engines or middleware as well as collective first hand experience of the game industry, we know we can deliver what your game needs. With a background from  studies in Game Design, Sound Design and Music Composition, along with being in bands and performing, we believe that Two Feathers can create something truly special for any game. 


“Also worth mentioning here is the soundtrack, written and performed by Two Feathers. It is, in a word, marvelous. It’s mostly orchestral, but there are a couple tracks that mix in 8-bit blips and bleeps here and there for an interesting aural effect.”

Jerry Bonner


Angry Birds 2

“The soundtrack includes exclamations by your birds and their piggy foes, reactions to your throws and the resulting destruction, and some seriously goofy music. […] it provides a burbling, cheerful accompaniment to your game, one guaranteed to give you a chuckle now and then.”

Heather Newman



The music is brilliant on a similar level. The lulls are calm and relaxed while the highs will have you bathing in bones and gore without a moment’s hesitation.”

Terrence Rochon



“It’s excellently composed by Twin Feathers and the glorious Videri String Quartet with violins, percussion, flutes, female vocals, and the occasional Hyōshigi or Shamisen. They contribute to a haunting, suspenseful soundtrack that always fits the mood.”

Joey Thurmond


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” I was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I was always sitting at home playing games and loving the music in them. I had a guitar at home, where I always tried to play along with the melodies of the songs in the games. It never worked out well… So, I forced my parents to let me have guitar-lessons from my school’s music-teacher. At first, he didn’t want to have me as a student, since he thought that I didn’t have the correct fingers for playing guitar… Well, I sure showed him (I hope)! It took a bit of persuasion, but I finally got my lessons… For about three months until I got bored with it and stopped. I was like 12, I didn’t know any better!

So, fast forward a couple of years, I am still playing video-game music on my guitar and now writing my very own. It’s a pretty nice job, I must say!”


“The first instrument I ever played was this broken piano. I was about 5 or so around that time and there were not many keys still working on it but a few, some were stuck and some just didn’t sound at all.  I usually sat and just composed small tunes on the few keys that were there. Since I also played games I frequently tried to play the tunes from these games. When FF7 came 97′  I finally decided. I too would compose music for games, just as all these amazing people who did. Luckily my dad, a family friend and cousin was super interested in media around that time, so I got hold of a digital notation program along with a game-making engine early on. With these tools I didn’t need to wait to grow up to become what I wanted:

– I became, in my mind, a game-composer right there and then on my own!”